The Cedar Hill Genealogy Society Needs Volunteers

The Cedar Hill Genealogy Society is seeking volunteers to serve as officers and other needs of the society.

Officers to Run in our February Election:

President:  The president presides over all society meetings, makes recommendations, prepares agendas for the board of directors meetings, and appoints/approves all non-elected directors or chairs.  The president is the spokesperson of the society.

Vice-President: Is the Director of the Programs.  Assists the president in carrying out the duties of that office.  Presides at meetings in the president’s absence.  Succeeds the president if the president cannot continue in office.

Secretary:  Records the minutes of all society meetings.  Distributes the minutes to the board of directors before the next meeting.  Keeps a copy of all society meeting minutes in a notebook in the library.  Produces a newsletter and sends it and meeting notices of regular meetings to all members

Treasurer:  The treasurer has custody of the society’s funds.  Deposit all receipts in the bank or credit union.  Presents a current financial report at the board of directors meetings.  Pays the society’s bills and files tax documents as needed.

The Cedar Hill Genealogy Society is always seeking volunteers to assist with publicity, hospitality, membership, special projects and other needs.

All those wishing to help their society are urged to contact the president or any officer in person or by email at  Or, you can use the CONTACT US feature on our website at


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